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$ 1000 M
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XNN 99,385.823 ( $ 133.982) / Ethermium
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Xenon is a project that aims to create an alternative blockchain from the EOS project open-source codebase. In order to reduce the regulatory risks associated with the standard crowdfunding method (Initial Coin Offering) and ensure a widespread distribution of the tokens, Xenon will distribute their tokens through an airdrop.

The Proposed Airdrop:
- Total tokens 1,000,000,000 XNN - 70% airdropped:
- 300,000,000 XNN proportionally airdropped to all ether addresses with >0.1 ether
- 200,000,000 XNN airdropped based on bitcoin proof-of-holding
- 200,000,000 XNN airdropped via proof-of-individuality mechanisms
- Much of the remaining XNN will be used in social media/bounty/referral campaigns and developer incentives

Xenon token (XNN) actually is an ERC-20 token, later the Xenon team plans to convert it to Xenon coins in the newly-launched blockchain.